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Metro Smart Cities is an initiative focused on creating pilot projects aimed toward solving transportation and mobility issues — spearheaded by a group of collaborative, regional partners in the Greater Omaha metro area.

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+ Partnered Effort: City of Omaha’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan

Metro Smart Cities is partnering with the City of Omaha to develop the Omaha Climate Action and Resilience Plan. The Omaha Climate Action and Resilience Plan will be a strategic roadmap that empowers our community to build climate resilience and strive for a more sustainable future. The Plan will provide comprehensive guidance on innovative solutions that will improve quality of life, build prosperity, enhance community resilience, and further climate justice. The plan will focus on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for and adapt to climate impacts, and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through sequestration. The Climate Action and Resilience Plan will provide equitable actions for the City of Omaha, and the communities within, to implement over the next 30 years. Metro Smart Cities will be part of the plan development process. For more information on the Omaha Climate Action and Resilience Plan, please visit